Our community of sellers are at the heart of FINDS and are what keeps our platform going. They are at the centre of the app and are all really important to us. The community is a place where creative minds, both alike and different can come together. As a team, we want to really get to know our sellers and give you the space to get to know us and each other. The community team will be here to support you through your selling journey with us on the FINDS app. 

At FINDS, we see the community being somewhere you can come together, both on and offline - connecting person to person in a creative, supportive environment. We want you to have the power to be you and feel fully comfortable doing so within the community.

Here are a few guidelines to make the whole experience on FINDS enjoyable for everyone:

  • Treat other users with respect
  • Support others (likes, comments, hyping each other up!)
  • Think before you act or comment
  • Be patient
  • Sell sustainably
  • Keep good communication with your buyers
  • Check your messages and notifications regularly
  • Ship within 3 days where possible
  • Describe and showcase your items accurately and make sure to check for faults
  • Price fairly, based on the item type and condition
  • Clean your items before sending them off to their new homes