Here are some signs your account may have been comprised:

  • Your personal details have been changed.
  • Messages sent from your account that were not sent by you.
  • Items listed on your account that are not yours/listings not made by you.
  • Payments have been taken from your PayPal account that you cannot account for.
  • You may receive messages from users on other platforms regarding your FINDS account.

What should I do?

  • Contact to report any suspicious activity to our support team. Include details such as:
    • the date you last accessed your account
    • evidence of messages/comments/sales/listings that have happened that were not you
  • Check to see whether the email address associated with your account has been changed.
  • If your email has been changed, change the email back to your original address by following the steps here.
  • After you have ensured your email is correct, change your password by following the steps here.